2018 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner Reception

Join us Saturday September 29, 2018 at the Glen Flora County Club in celebration of the induction of the newest members of the Lake County Bowling Associations Hall of Fame. 

Being inducted are Jim Erickson, Michael Hall, Gabriel Rodriquez, Jamie Sensabaugh, and Roger Zuchowski. In the legacy of Lake County bowling in the veteran’s selection we will recognize Larry Clayes and Jim Stanczak. 

This event will also feature our 2018 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship Award Winners, the 2018 Bowler of the Year, The All-Lake County team and the Senior bowler of the year. 

Click on the event image below for this events reservation form. Seating is limited so we encourage you to make your reservations before September 9, 2018. 

2018 Hall Of Fame Reception Flyer

Position Available: The Greater Lake County Bowling Association is hiring.

The newly merged Greater Lake County Bowling Association board is accepting applications for the positions of Association Manager and Assistant Association manager to provide service to the bowlers of Lake County Illinois.

All interested candidates for this position please click on the links below to retrieve the PDF files for the Association Manager Job Description and the Association Manager Application for the GLCBA.

Resumes, applications and cover letters will be accepted through Saturday May 12, 2018. Contact details and mailing address for submitting completed applications are provided in the Job Description.

Association Manager Job Description

 Association Manager Application for the GLCBA


The Lake County Bowling Association on behalf of the Lake County Woman's bowling Association, the Lake County Youth Bowling association and the Waukegan Women's bowling association would like to thank the members of our respective associations for participating in the Greater Lake County Bowling Association merger meeting held April 8, 2018 at the Holiday Inn in Gurnee today.

The following people have been elected to be your new USBC local association board:

President: (3-year term): Dale Lehman
Vice President (2-year Term): Mike Jacobs
Vice President (1-year Term): Pat Christensen
Sgt-at-Arms (2-year Term): Brenda Cornell

Directors (3-year Term):
Gabriel Rodriguez
David Scala
Donna Sternberg
Michael Tucker

Directors (2-year Term):
Mark Evans
Danny Thul
Erin Beck

Directors (1-year Term):
Debbie Bakk
Angie Cevallos
Jovita Miller
Pat Cornell

Youth Director (3-year Term): Sue Hallwas
Youth Director (2-year Term): Kevin Bell
Youth Director (1-year Term): Lindsey Siegel and Jill Katz.

The Greater Lake County Bowling Association will officially begin its service to bowlers effective August 1, 2018.

LCBA 89th. Annual Tournament Update - Bertrand Lanes

LCBA 89th. Annual Tournament Update - Official Prize Fund Report.

Complete event details can be found on the LCBA Tournament Page

All prizes will be handed out at the Organizational merger meeting. Gurnee Holiday Inn 1:00 PM check-in, 2:00 PM meeting April 8 2018. If bowlers cannot attend the prize fund will be distributed through your league or in the mail.

Team Handicap - 1 through 17 cash
Team Scratch - 1 through 4 cash
Doubles Handicap - 1 through 34 cash
Doubles Scratch - 1 through 7 cash
Singles Handicap - 1 through 68 cash
Singles Scratch - 1 through 15 cash
All Events Handicap - 1 through 42 cash
All Events Scratch - 1 through 12 cash


Organizational Meeting - Sunday April 8, 2018
1:00 PM Check-in - 2:00 PM Meeting
Holiday Inn Gurnee - 6161 W Grand Ave, Gurnee

• Meeting is called to order by the Chairperson of the Transition Committee.

• There are no quorums for Organizational Meetings

• All 2017-2018 USBC sanctioned members from these associations are eligible to vote:
- Lake County Bowling Association
- Lake County Women’s Bowling Association
- Lake County Youth Bowling Association (14 years or older)
- Waukegan Women’s Bowling Association

• Chairperson presents proposed Bylaws for the new organization.
- Any eligible voter may propose changes to the bylaws.
- A 2/3 vote required to accept proposed bylaws.
- New bylaws go into effect on August 1, 2018 with the exception of eligibility requirements, if applicable.

• Chairperson begins election process (unless they are slated for election, then they turn it over to the Nominating Committee chairperson.)
- Any current member may run from the floor if they have not been seeded in a position by the nominating committee. Eligibility requirements which have been proposed in the new bylaws may be followed, when the new bylaws have been adopted first.
- There is no time requirement for turning in applications for this board. Any member in good standing, 14 years of age or older, may run from the floor.

• Voting procedures: USBC recommends that all voting at Organizational Meetings be done by paper ballot. Other voting procedures (voice, hand, and standing) may be used at the discretion of the Chairperson.
- Officers: President, Vice-President, Sergeant At Arms. Elected by majority vote.
- Directors: Elected by plurality vote.
- Youth Directors: Elected by plurality vote.

Greater Lake County USBC proposed Bylaws-*

2018-2019 Nominations

Officer Applications-*

Directors Applications-*

Youth Directors Applications-*

*-The PDF files of Bylaws, Officers, Directors and Youth Directors are rather large files. These will not be made available at the meeting on April 8, 2018. We encourage you to read them online in advance of this meeting. - Thank you. 

Only the 2018-2019 Nominations list and the details about this meeting as listed above will be available on-site for review and procedure. 


LCBA: 847-406-8305

LCWBA: 847-587-8523

LC YOUTH BA: 847-395-3513

WWBA: 847-244-6014

GREATER LAKE COUNTY USBC Organizational Meeting


89th. Annual LCBA Championship Tournament Bertrand Lanes

Our host center for the 2018 - 89th. Annual Championship Tournament will be Bertrand Lanes 2616 Washington St. Waukegan Illinois 847-244-1300.


We welcome back our sponsor Hammer Bowling and excited to introduce our events co-sponsor NorStates Bank for the 2018 event. The tournament entry form is now in your local centers, or click on the tournament flyer below for your copy today. 

Entries for this event open November 19, 2017, early reservations and entry are encouraged to get the squad dates and times of your choice!.

All entries pre-paid by February 4, 2018 will receive one ticket per entrant on your entry form towards a Hammer Bowling Ball raffle.

9th. Annual LCBA Baker Team Tournament Raymond's Bowl

The 9th. Annual Lake County BA Baker Team Tournament will be hosted Sunday January 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm. at Raymond's Bowl 3690 N. Johnsburg Rd. Johnsburg, IL 815-385-1475. We also welcome back Hammer Bowling as our event sponsor and our champions will receive a cash prize and a Hammer Bowling ball for each member of the team. 

Click on our tournament flyer for event rules and entry form! 

2018 Baker Tournament Flyer

The future of Lake County bowling could include you!

Effective August 1, 2018 the Lake County Bowling Association, Waukegan Woman's Bowling Association, Lake County Woman's Bowling Association and the Lake County Youth USBC will be merged to provide a single association for all Lake County bowlers to be known as the "Greater Lake County USBC".
This soon to be merged bowling association is looking for dedicated candidates to join the new board to volunteer in promoting sanctioned league and tournament bowling in Lake County. 

2016-2017 Stars of Tomorrow Recipients

The Lake County Bowling Association would like to congratulate the following youth bowlers for being our 2017 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship award winners.

Emily Voight, Joshua Singer, Miles Pletcher, Danny Chmura, Donald Voight and Andrew Lauer.

Their accomplishment will be recognized during the LCBA Hall of Fame event Saturday September 23, 2017 athe Glen Flora Country Club.

Seating is limited for this event, click on the event form below for more details of this event. 

2017 Hall of Fame Flyer

2017 Hall of Fame and Star of Tomorrow Event Reception

Join the Lake County Bowling Association September 23, 2017 for the induction of Ken Barton and John Eifert into the associations Hall of Fame. 

This event will include our 2017 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship awards winners, the Bowler of the year and All-lake County team and our senior bowler of the year winners. 

2017 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner reception Reservation Form Please submit your reservation by September 9, 2017 to secure your spot. 

2017 Hall of Fame Flyer


2017 LCBA 24th. Annual Senior Tournament - Sunset Bowl

Our host center for the 24th. Annual Senior Tournament will be Sunset Bowl, 2015 N. Lewis Ave. Waukegan Illinois

This event is open to all USBC Lake County BA members who are 50 years and over as of September 30, 2017. 

New this year is an optional Doubles event where bowlers can decide to bowl all six games in one day or come back to bowl the optional event another day. This tournament will run Saturdays September 30 and October 7, 2017 and on Sunday October 1, and 8, 2017. all Squads start at 1:00 pm cst. Entry is $25.00 per bowler, per event. This is a handicap event based on 90% of 220. 

The singles event will offer two divisions for bowlers 50-64 years of and and 65 and older. The new optional doubles event will feature a single division for all bowlers. We encourage early entry into this event and walk-in entries will be accepted. 

For complete rules and entry form click on the link.

2017 LCBA Senior Tournament Entry Rules

Please note the new mailing address for sending your entry: LCBA Senior Tournament, 2412 SE Thornwood Dr., Lindenhurst, IL 60046

2017 Hall of Fame and Star of Tomorrow Event

Lake County Members, mark your calendar for this event: The LCBA Hall of Fame and Stars of Tomorrow event will be held September 23, 2017 at the Glen Flora Country Club 2200 N Sheridan Rd, Waukegan, IL 60087. The event will feature the induction of Ken Barton into the LCBA Hall of Fame, our Youth Stars of tomorrow scholarship recipients, the All Lake County Team and our Bowler of the Year and Senior Bowler of the year. Details on the additional winners of these awards will be posted in the following weeks.

Ken Barton

Ken Barton - 2017 Hall of Fame inductee.


Bill Spigner's 50th. ABC-USBC Open Championship

Sunday May 21, 2017 Las Vegas Nevada, a milestone was recognized during the annual Open Championship team event.

Bill Spigner accompanied by his wife Barb, his sons JimmyRobert and grandson Judah celebrated this lifetime event as Bill's was being recognized for this 50th. participation in the annual ABC/USBC tournament.

On behalf of the Lake County Bowling Association we would like to congratulate Bill on this accomplishment and his continued support and dedication to our sport.

Please follow this link to read the story from USBC’s Matt Cannizzaro and Brian Hirsch from and Video of the presentation and Bill's speech on YouTube.

USBC Open Championships Tournament director Duane Hagen presenting Bill and his grandson Judah the 50th. participation gold and diamond lapel pin and plaque. 


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